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Tinker Spark was founded in Singapore as an avenue that breaks down the barrier of entry for anyone, regardless of age, to join the maker community and to learn to make, break, and hack. CUtting the daunting ocean of information on the internet and weekly-classes that just target one particular maker kit or product, we designed Tinker-Streams: industry-leading courses so you can explore, learn and craft anything to empower you on your making journey.


Saral, the founder (age 19), is driven by spreading the maker movement and he has been doing so since the age of 13 (More on him below). 


TInker Workshops

Tinker Workshops are our unique approach to helping budding tinkerers find their footing in a maker community fragmented with thousands of workshops. Meticulously designed, Tinker Workshops combine the best industry's kits with hands-on explorations, lessons, experiments, and projects

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Drone Building 

IOT: DIY Weather station


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Tinker Workshops

Learn about our latest workshops available for all age groups.


Learn about our multiple day boot-camps that go beyond Tinker-Streams with bigger and more ambitious project builds

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Our 2 day long courses give us the time to dive deeper into our Tinker-Streams with bigger experiments andcrazier project builds,


Our Story

tinker spark

We want you to Make!

The maker-learning community is extremely messy: the workshop scene is over-saturated with workshops targeting in overly specific kits such as programming in scratch or building Lego EV3 Robots which teach you skills that can't be translated in other platforms; the high cost barrier; The inability to take expensive kits used by these workshops home to practice; teachers spoon feeding and doing the actual building vs letting the kid explore. With a fragmented market for kits and a plethora of information scattered around the internet, self-learning can be a daunting and tedious task.

Wanting to fix all of that. We created Tinker Spark. Our mission is to empower you to build whatever you desire while minimizing your difficulty in learning. We started Tinker Workshops that are simple one-time workshops in common themes of the maker community. We want you to make and we aren't driven by profits which allows us to keep prices low and teach more students. To do this we allow you to learn and play in class with expensive kits and building resources but also learn how to build your own final project that you can take home and build on after class. In fact, we support you after your workshop with us by directing you to the best resources for you to continue your learning and providing any support for the project you build in class.