Tinker Workshops

Tinker Workshops are our unique approach to helping beginners find their footing in a increasingly fragmented maker community with thousands of workshops.   Thoughtfully and meticulously designed, Tinker Workshops combine some of the best industry's kits with hands-on explorations, lessons, experiments, and take-home projects. 

Each Workshop has been developed from scratch and entails the following outline:

1. Introduction stage: Short presentation and demonstration of use of Tinker Workshop skills in making.

2. Exploration stage:Hands-on-experiments, projects with industry leading kits to explore the technology.

3. Application Stage: Using the skills from the exploration stage, you build a project using the skills you learn. You take this project home where you can continue to iterate it after the workshop!

The Tinker-Workshop advantage

1. Just a one time, low cost class.  

2. Learn with world-class products and kits

3. Online resources to use after the course

4. Take-home final project and kits to continue learning building after class.

5. Open to all ages

6. Join an active community to ask for questions after the class

7. Life long after class support from instructors

8. Every class is taught by Saral Tayal, a passionate, 19 year old maker who has been spreading the maker movement since the age of 12


4 sessions, 2 hour per session

Programming and Robotics



Children's favorite course, the robotics and programming course is perfect for those who have no experience with robotics but are keen in it. You will learn what makes a robot a robot, Write your first code with the BBC Micro:Bit, learn to assemble a a line-following robot and learn to program it using simple drag and drop commands. Best part is you take everything you build home

Note: You are required to bring your own laptop for the programming section of the course.



  • Class 1: Introduction to robotics and demo of large scale robots. Get your very own Micro:Bit and write basic code for it using drag and drop commands
  • Class 2: Intermediate Coding with Micro:bit. Learn more complex commands like conditionals, data types, loops, and basic robotic sensors
  • Class 3: Assemble your line following robot and write basic code to make it move. Integrate bluetooth conectivity to control your robot from your laptop or phone
  • Class 4: Intermediate level code for the Bit:bot line following robot where we will learn to write code for the robot to follow a line.

2 sessions, 1 hour/session

3d Printing

education 12.jpg


One of our most popular courses, the 3D printing Tinker Workshop teaches you everything you need to know to get started with 3D printing. Learn how a 3D printer works, understand the different types of materials used for printing, play with 3D printing pen, learn to design your own keychain tag and print it!



  • Session 1: Commercial 3D Printer demo and hands-on exploration. 3D printing from 2d sheets activity & 3D printing pen build your own architecture activity
  • Session 2:Autodesk 123D lesson to design keychain & 3D printing of everyone's keychain 

add ons:

  • Purchase the 3d printing pen: 50$

2 hours

INtro to Soldering



Soldering and PCB work is one of the most basic skills hobbyists who want to do electronics work need to know. This Tinker Workshop will teach anyone without any experience what soldering is, the different types of soldering, you will also learn how to solder and essential soldering habits by either soldering your own light sensitive board, name tag, or Tv-B-Gone kit



  • Soldering demonstration and lesson on how to handle soldering iron, how to use solder and flux, how to use heat-shrink
  • Soldering safety lesson
  • A choice of one of the following kits to solder: LED Name Tag, TV-B Gone, Distance Sensitive Light Board, or Transparent alarm clock

Optional ADD ONS:

  • Additional kits:30-20$
  • Soldering iron, solder, flux: 30$

2 sessions, 3 hours/session

Drone Building

lifestyle-4a (1).jpg


Why buy a commercial toy-grade drone when you can build your very own drone. We will build a 250 mm size drone from scratch. We will assemble the frame; mount the motors, speed controllers and motors; learn how to program the flight control board(Brains); calibrate the drone; learn how to fly on a simulator; fly in real life

Note: If you're not comfortable soldering or have no experience soldering, please purchase the pre-soldered electronics option. You can learn to solder in our 




  • Drone introduction lesson and demo
  • Full set of tested parts: 4 motors, 4 ESCS, Li-Po Battery, Battery Charger, Receiver, Transmitter, frame, 4 propellers
  • Frame building using 250 mm base
  • Electronics configuration and mounting hands on
  • Flight controller programming lesson
  • Simulator flying experience
  • Drone calibration and flight characteristics tuning


  • Pre-soldered electronics service: 30$
  • First Person View: 150$ (This mod adds a camera to your drone that beams a live video feed to an lcd on your remote.

3 hours

Circuits and Electronics



A course tailored to those entering the making hobby wanting to learn how to integrate electronics in any of their projects or creations. Play with LittleBit's award winning kit to learn how circuits work and how to make your own circuits. We will build our own motor with a spinning dancers. You will then move on to make simple circuits on paper using conductive tape and end the course applying all you've learnt to make a gift card with light up circuits. 



  • Introduction to electronics and circuits lesson
  • Hands on exploration of how circuits work using LittleBit's award winning kits
  • Build your own motor with a spinning dancer
  • Chibitronics Paper Circuits hands on and build
  • Build a electronic card using conductive paint and Led stickers.

3 Sessions, 1 hour per week

IOT: Weather station build



IOT: Internet of things is the biggest buzz word in the tech community this year. Unfortunately it can be extremely daunting to anyone interested in it. Our Introduction to IOT workshop aims to teardown that barrier by teaching you the principles of IOT, exploring how to integrate IOT in projects and finally building an IOT weather station!



  • Session 1: Introduction to IoT and building weather station sensor assembly 
  • Session 2: assembling, customizing, and programming the Weather station
  • Session 3: Building of the weather station website and testing